Thank you strangers!

Thank You Strangers! And Thank You acquaintances and friends!

2019 has been a great year for us as a band and it still is. We appreciate the support during our Tour and are very happy about all who and which came along.

The song you hear in the Video is called STRANGERS and it’s by us :-). 

We will go into the winter season now and hope to see you again next year. Until then, we will do some bandwork, maybe some recording, definitely some booking, most likely some editing and for sure some songwriting.

See you soon.


Read Port Joanna

We are very proud and thankful for being featured in HH01 Magazine, Zimbabwe’s Premier Music and Lifestyle Magazine. Flip through the pages here.

It feels wonderful to experience such a strong support, not only in the magazine, but also on and around our shows throughout the country. It’s highly appreciated.

Meanwhile, we continue to brave the weather (and you do too – thanks), that has not been on our side on the last stops of our tour and are very happy to announce the first shows for early 2020.

Until then, we hope to see you in one of this years remaining shows and wish you a beautiful late summer.


We’re turning 50!

Dear All,

it’s been an absolutely great summer so far. You all have been amazing on every single concert and we can’t say thank you often enough for supporting us so strong.

On this upcoming Saturday, the 27th of July 2019, we are happy to announce, that we play our 50th Port Joanna Show at Strandräuber in (believe it or not) Kalifornien.

Oh Boy, it’s been a journey. 49 shows, 49 cheering crowds, 49 setlists, 49 times setting up and 49 times taking down and 49 times meeting nice people and have a chat after the show. As one can see above, we are looking forward to the next 50 shows, crowds, setlists and packings and chats.

So if you like, join the party next saturday and raise your glasses with us!

As always, till then, stay kind.


All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go…

So here we are. Tomorrow we will start off the summer show season at BEGU Lemwerder and yes, we are exited! With a big smile on our faces, we look at the list of upcoming shows throughout the next months and are proud and happy to jump in the van and be on the road again and most of all, get on stage and play.

Thank you everyone for the support so far. It’s been amazing. We hope to see you at one of the shows.

Until then, stay kind.


Hello! Goodbye! It’s nice when you stop by.

Dear Friends,

we are very sorry, that we had to postpone the Tanz-in-den-Mai Show at Prinz Willy due to illness. It’s the first time for us, that something like that happened and it wasn’t easy. The show is now rescheduled to the 14th of June and we hope to see you all there dancing again.

Our friends at Ostseebad Laboe found some really nice words, which we want to share with you here:

We will play there on the 1st of September.

We booked some more shows this summer. Head over to our Live Page and have a look when a show near you is happening.

So while spring is blooming all around, we lock into our rehearsal studio and keep on working on some new tunes.

See you all soon!


Joanna’s on the Road again

We hope, that all of you had a great start into 2019. While we are working on new stuff, a couple of shows have been booked throughout the year. We are very happy to come to some new places and to visit some friends again as well.

A huge thank you goes out to you listening to our songs online, on CD or actually bought a copy of the Vinyl Version of our EP.

See you soon!


It’s here!

Finally there it is. Out EP „Atlas“ on Vinyl. We couldn’t be happier (as one can see) and we are proud to have it.

The EP is available at our gigs of course (also on CD) and in the online store of our Label K-Klangträger.

Thanks to everybody who helped us on the way!


Happy New Year!

Our best wishes for a blessed 2019 go out to everybody! May the new Year bring all of you some steps further towards your dreams.

We will start out on the 24th of January with a big show at KNUST Hamburg. The stage will be shared with Fheels and Sons & Preatchers. Get your Tickets here, it’s going to be an exiting evening!

We have a lot of stuff planned for 2019 and we can’t wait to get started and share all of that with you.

Until then, stay kind.


Merry Christmas and a big Thank you

Wow, what a year!

As we are sorting out our best memories of 2018, we realized that we played in living rooms, on big stages, on small stages, at the beach, in the rain, in the sun, in the morning and at nighttime. We came to a lot of places and met so many good people and had an amazing good time throughout.

Thank you all for supporting us!

We are now giving ourselves some rest, but be sure, that lots of stuff is planned for 2019 and we are very exited to start into the next year. The first show will be at Knust in Hamburg on January the 24th and it will be big!

We figured, that not everyone is keen on using social media, so one of the many things that we will do in 2019, are regular updates right here on our website.

So long, stay blessed and have a wonderful Christmas!

See you soon.