International Women’s Day

To celebrate and to support the International Women’s Day, the performance art group KOLLEKTIVA made a video to our song “Woman”.

Watch the amazing performance here:

It’s an honor for us to see the inspiration that others draw from our music.

Thank you so much and stay healthy!


Craving for Music

Hi All,

We miss you! You, the audience, who claps along, sings along, dances along, meets us after the show for a chat, listens, enjoys.

And we do miss us as well, since we aren’t allowed to rehearse or even meet at the moment.

Big plans, great songs, jams, recording sessions, shootings have to wait for now.

So we hope that you and your loved ones are all well and healthy and you keep on keeping on.

Hope to see you soon.

PS: we did some spring cleaning to the news section and moved the older stories to the archive.

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