Back from Hiatus

Dear Family and Friends,

after a rough time, we are happy to slowly awake from hibernation. Since we all missed making music together so much, the first thing we do is to lock ourselves into our rehearsal studio and to play and track some songs. And immediately, the excitement is back and we absolutely love what urges to come out in the open again.

We send love out and hope to see you soon!


Happy New Year

Dear Family and Friends,

as for so many of you, 2021 has been a rough year. We certainly hope that we can move forward in 2022 with our recording projects as well as playing some more shows.

Although the schedule is thinner than ever, we are keen on getting productive and creative and doing what we love so much.

Thank you for your support and loyalty, have a good start into the new year and as always, stay kind and healthy.


Home Game

Dear Family and Friends,

we are super excited to return to the renowed Knust on the 15th of September.

We will be sharing the stage with our good friends the Salty Saints and Fin Dawson. Check out the Trailer and get your tickets here.

Due to covid restrictions, the capacity is reduced, so better be quick :-). We are looking forward to meeting you again for our only show in Hamburg 2021.

As always stay kind, stay safe.


Playing in a sea of flowers

What a start! We have played in some beautiful and extraordinary locations, but being surrounded by a sea of flowers was something truly special. We can’t thank the whole team in Neumünster enough for putting together such an amazing event to start off the season. For most of the participants, this was the first concert they attended in a year and although one had to remain seated throughout the show, it was a very special evening for all of us.

Nevertheless, next friday another show awaits us as an online streaming event, when we join the regional finals of the SPH Bandcontest. If you like to attend the show, please follow this link.

Till then, stay kind and enjoy the weather


Getting back on Track

Dear Friends,

with cautious and small steps, we come out of our corona-hibernation with a few concerts and requests coming our way, the allowance to actually rehearse again and loads of fine folks working hard to get the cultural life up and running again. Thank you!

We couldn’t be happier about this, being well aware that we all still have to be careful and that the first shows will be different to what we were used to. But nevertheless, the experience of live music is coming back; starting in the beautiful Gerisch-Park in Neumünster for us.

The first rehearsals in over 6 months drew a big smile to our faces and butterflies in the tummies.

We are looking forward to see you again in one of the shows to come.

Till then, as always stay safe, stay kind


International Women’s Day

To celebrate and to support the International Women’s Day, the performance art group KOLLEKTIVA made a video to our song „Woman“.

Watch the amazing performance here:

It’s an honor for us to see the inspiration that others draw from our music.

Thank you so much and stay healthy!


Craving for Music

Hi All,

We miss you! You, the audience, who claps along, sings along, dances along, meets us after the show for a chat, listens, enjoys.

And we do miss us as well, since we aren’t allowed to rehearse or even meet at the moment.

Big plans, great songs, jams, recording sessions, shootings have to wait for now.

So we hope that you and your loved ones are all well and healthy and you keep on keeping on.

Hope to see you soon.

PS: we did some spring cleaning to the news section and moved the older stories to the archive.

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