Port Joanna is a place where music comes alive, a place where guitar strings, funk, soul along with rock make a vintage yet modern musical cocktail.

Tash, Jannik, Dario and Moe came together as a Coverband in the beginning before deciding to test the waters in Hamburg within their own art, they haven’t turned back since.

The band is inspired by all walks of music; from country to rap as well as sounds from soul to rock. A Port Joanna concert is comic and aims to bring the audience to their feet in dance and to also give them food for thought. Writing about it doesn’t serve the concert, the music and the feeling of this rising newcomer band justice so I dare you to come experience it yourself!

Tash – Vocalist – The Soul

Jannik – Strings – The Blues

Dario – Bass – The Funk

Moe – Drums – The Rock

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